Thursday Enrichment Session

MAPETS Enrichment Sessions Thursday, Feb. 27th, 2020 from 4:30 to 5:25 and 5:30 to 6:30 pm
• Rotary Club Central/My Rotary (4:30 to 5:25 pm)
• Change Management (5:30 to 6:30 pm)

1. Rotary Club Central/My Rotary

During the Rotary Club Central session, we’ll start by navigating to the tool through My Rotary, then walk through the goal setting process. Then, we’ll focus on the need to set goals for the year ahead, and the importance of tracking their progress. Time be built in for questions, so that we can address the specific needs of the group.

With internet access we’ll do a live demonstration during the presentation.

Basic questions, like the ones below will be answered:

• How do I create an account on My Rotary? (
• Have my fellow club board members created their account on My Rotary?
• How often should I be logging on to My Rotary?
• What do should I to know about Rotary Club Central?

We look forward to having you there!

John Hannes

2. Change Management

An Introduction to Change Management: What It Is and How It Works
There are two simple quotes on change management –
• People want to change; they don’t want to be changed
• Change is moving individuals from where they currently are to where they need them to be


Change management is a discipline devoted to managing, organizing, and executing organizational change initiatives. An organizational change takes time, effort, and coordination. This is where change management comes in. Change managers do a great many things, such as:

• Analyze organizational problems and design solutions
• Create and execute change initiatives
• Communicate and coordinate with stakeholders
• Measure, analyze, and optimize change initiatives


These are accomplished through a people-centered approach to change. That is, change managers effect organizational change by starting at the individual level. Effective change is accomplished by:

• Building awareness of and interest in a change agenda
• Inspiring Action
• Providing the tools necessary for change
• Offering training and approaches for building skills


Many change managers use a variety of tools and techniques to accomplish their objectives.

We are going to talk about your role.  If you have ever tried to change anything, you know it’s hard. We’ll talk about winning hearts and minds – leading and inspiration. We’ll talk about:

• Establishing a sense of urgency
• Creating the guiding coalition
• Developing a Vision and Strategy
• Communicating the change Vision
• Empowering (expecting) a broad base of members to take action
• Generating short-term wins
If you are interested in Leading Change, pick up John P. Kotter’s book of the same name.  It is well worth the read.
So sign up and start your journey as Change Leader in your club or business.

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