Committee Members



General Chair

  Executive Trainer

Gary Fedorcha 
PDG District 7430


Dennis Zubler
PDG District 7640


Executive Committee



2017-18 DG
Una Martone
District 7390


2017-18 DG
Rick Gromis
District 7430


2017-18 DG
Dawn deFuria
District 7450


2017-18 DG
Diane Rotondelli
District 7500


2017-18 DG
Tom Fletcher
District 7640


Committee Leads  

    Chair   Vice-Chair
Evaluations   Una Martone   John May 
Vendors   Rick Gromis   Cindy Hornaman 
Registration   Dawn deFuria    TBD
Protocol   Diane Rotondelli    Joanne Ventura
Information   Tom Fletcher    William Donnelly
Treasurer   John Hammer    
Sargent at Arms   Tom Price    
Webmaster   Brian Casey    
Hotel Liaison   Tony Jannetta    



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