MAPETS 2022 COVID-19 Meeting Guidelines

  1. COVID-19 Resources: The most current CDC, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and Rotary International COVID-19 guidelines will be followed at the time of the MAPETS Training Seminar. Updates will be posted on the MAPETS website.
  2. Masks:  All in-person attendees must wear masks covering the nose and mouth if community transmission in Montgomery County remains > 5% as per current CDC Guidance. King of Prussia PA is in Montgomery County and as of 1/14/22 has a 30.3% rate of community transmission.  In the event community transmission falls below 5% unvaccinated participants must wear masks and masks will be optional for vaccinated participants. PA County transmission rates are posted every Friday for the last seven days on the COVID-19 Early Warning Monitoring System Dashboard of the PaDOH at: CDC recommends wearing the highest quality mask available including N95 and KN95 masks to offer the greatest protection against acquiring and transmitting COVID-19.
  3. Vaccination: All MAPETS in-person attendees must be “up to date” with COVID-19 vaccinations.  “Up to date” means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster doses when eligible.  Please refer to the CDC website on timing of booster doses based on your initial series of COVID-19 vaccinations:  Proof of vaccination must be presented to your District’s registrar or designee in advance of the meeting.
  4. Social Distancing: Social distancing practices will be employed wherever possible including classroom and dining settings.
  5. Hand Sanitizer: Hand Sanitizer gel will be made readily available to all participants in all meeting areas.
  6. Self-Assessment: Attendees are encouraged to perform a COVID-19 symptom daily self-assessment and stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19, are waiting for COVID-19 test results, have COVID-19 symptoms, or if they have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for or who has symptoms of COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for the most recent guidance for quarantine and isolation if you were exposed to COVID-19 or tested positive:  
  7. Conference Materials: All conference materials will be posted on-line on the MAPETS website.
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Questions?  Please contact District 7390 District Governor Elect Juliet Altenburg at: 

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